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Best Over The Counter Anxiety Medication Reddit

My anxiety has gotten worse and I don’t want to rely on actual prescribed medication, so I want to know what are some good over the counter. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I mean Benadryl will put you to sleep if you’re having trouble sleeping due to anxiety, or melatonin. Before I got on prescribed anxiety medication, I would use small doses of CBD (protab). I would take a quarter pill and wait.

Make sure it’s CBD only. 3 level 2 armadilo88 · 9 mo. ago Benadryl Sunglasses literally reduce social anxiety for some people As someone who sometimes suffers from low-grade social anxiety, especially when people are around me, just wearing my sunglasses and walking in front of a general public felt my anxiety went away and I no longer cared about people. What is it, I am amazed at such a wonderful interaction.

Will An Inhaler Stop Wheezing - Discount Place

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