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When Will I Receive My Order?

Orders are typically mailed out in 1-3 business days following payment. Generally speaking, all of our shipments are mailed out with provided tracking information for real time updates through the postal service. We offer combined shipping on multi-purchase orders. Shipping is neither discountable or refundable at this time unless special circumstances arise. 


Shipping for items ordered will be calculated during checkout transactions. 

Please note that shipping times may vary during circumstantial times such as natural disasters, federal holidays and emergency situations.


**Buyer is solely responsible for ensuring the proper address is given at the time of checkout. Customer/Consumer waives the right to hold Red Horse Military Surplus accountable for items lost in the mail due to improperly input addresses. Customer/Consumer acknowledges they have a 24-hour window to contact Red Horse Military Surplus before shipping takes place to correct any errors. 


Red Horse Military Surplus retains the right to refuse any return and/or exchange at any time. Items purchased from this store are sold on an "as-is" basis and only under certain circumstance may qualify for a partial or full refund. Red Horse Military Surplus will always take into consideration a buyers request for returns, however, retains the right to refuse at any time. Customer/Consumers will be responsible for all return shipping. 

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